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Successfully completed our 1st Project

December 11, 2017

EXION  helps technology company sharpen its competitive edge.

During a four-week intensive project, EXION used its proprietary methodology to revisit the company’s positioning strategy and propose adjustments to segment, sales and brand strategies that are now being implemented.

The company, which turns over more than €10 million in the shipping segment, felt the need to revisit its sales strategy and market interface.

EXION, with its experience from different industries and types of companies provided simple yet effective tools to empower the company’s leadership team to make the necessary changes. Says the company’s CEO: “EXION helped us focalize our strengths and capabilities towards clearly defined segments to maximise the effect of limited resources. We also understood how we could communicate better with decision makers to better fight for larger contracts.”

EXION utilised its POBC® methodology to systematically extract the leadership team’s collective knowledge to lay more efficient positioning strategies and improve its brand. Says EXION’s CEO Oddvar Solemsli: “Most smaller technology companies are very good at what they do and focus most of their attention towards improving the technology and their products’ functionality, and rightly so.

We believe, however, that many of these companies could grow faster and with better profitability if they spent some more time on positioning and understanding how they can obtain improved mind space with their prospective customers.” One of the owners of the company, a Norwegian venture capital fund, comments: “The core of the value creation potential in a technology company is, well, technology.

However, the ability to understand how a technology company fits into the full picture and can maximise its value, and to effectively and efficiently communicate this to all stakeholders, customers and owners alike, is crucial. We believe that EXION  helped this company to improve this ability during the short but intense project.”

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