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April 17th, 2018


Nina Schjeide is a Norwegian actress,
coach (TEDTalks), speaker, therapist and conflict mediator with clients among corporate leadership
groups and public figures. She is also active in an international leadership network and advises on development of this network.  


Says Nina on why she decided to join EXION: ”I have always worked with communication, how to recreate intended meaning and emotions in the minds of those we are trying to reach.  Adding the cross-cultural aspect to this is a natural step for me and I look forward to helping companies communicate better with their foreign partners.”


EXION’s CEO, Oddvar Solemsli, adds: “I have known and followed Nina for many years and I have learned a lot from her.  When we now needed to strengthen our capability to help prepare leadership groups for their expansion in foreign markets, there was only one name on my list of whom to call.


Nina and EXION are now designing a cross-cultural communication program that will be offered to clients already this spring.  Adds Nina: “The best athletes, actors, performers; all need to constantly train to stay at the top and develop further. I strongly believe the same applies for leadership groups.  When a company wants to expand in a new market where the culture is different, the ability to understand that culture and adapt our communication is crucial. Communicating is risky business. We often misunderstand each other, even the people close to us. Imagine how that works when the whole cultural framework and references, heritage, body language, social context and decisional processes are different from ours

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