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Successfully launched our 1st Venture

March 27th, 2018


NEW VENTURE - Degree of Freedom International set to develop engineering services in the Eastern Mediterranean, the Balkans and Central Asia. International engineering company Degree of Freedom and EXION are setting up a new engineering company, Degree of Freedom International, that will service architects and construction companies in the Eastern Mediterranean, the Balkans and Central Asia from its hub in Athens, Greece.
Photo Credit: Are Carlsen, SAAHA and Degree of Freedom.



Jungle Footbridge engineered by Degree of Freedom

Says Managing Director Gaute Mo of Degree of Freedom: “We have had great success with our international expansion serving some of the most prestigious architects in the world and we are set to continue this growth in new markets.” Some of Degree of Freedom’s people have previously worked for renown architects like Santiago Calatrava, and the engineering company boasts a long list of high profile projects. The company delivers a steady stream of engineering support projects to architects world-wide from their offices in Oslo, Valencia, Gdansk, and now Athens. Athens is a hub for civil engineering competence with long traditions and Degree of Freedom International’s Athens office will be able to attract some of the world’s best civil engineers to join what is set to be an engineering power house for architects that want to bring their visions to life. Says Yama Dastgir, EXION partner, Degree of Freedom Athens Director and himself an architect: “We look forward to growing Degree of Freedom in the very exciting cultural environment that our market presents and to consolidate the company as one of the foremost engineering support companies for the best architects of the world.”

This is the first company establishment undertaken by EXION with an external partner and the company’s CEO, Oddvar Solemsli, believes it will not be the last: “It is our very nature to be independent of sector but rather be the partner that helps sectorial companies expand in cultures different from their own. We truly believe in the potential of Degree of Freedom and we look forward to applying this business model also to other sectors.” DEGREE OF FREEDOM ENGINEERS is an international civil and structural engineering practice based in Oslo, Valencia, Gdansk, and Athens with a focus on high quality, architectural projects. We enjoy working with innovative architects who challenge gravity and the engineer's creativity.

For this reason, we develop optimized structural systems which are achieved by a close interaction between the creative design process and the most advanced analysis techniques. Our structural solutions employ traditional materials like steel, reinforced concrete and wood as well as less conventional materials such as glass, membranes and modern composites. EXION is an international partnership with presence in Norway, Spain and Greece, specializing in helping companies develop business in new markets based on networks, communication and cultural understanding.

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