Strategy Development

EXION’s strategy development methodology is based on our team members’ leadership experience on management and board level in numerous companies in different industries, geographies and company sizes. We have learned that there are certain basic treats of a strategy that are common to all companies. The most basic one is that the competence and knowledge required to build a sound strategy most probably already exists within the company, it is just a question of extracting that competence and knowledge and structure it into a sharp tool and mindset that boost and consolidates the energy of the leadership team towards reaching the strategic goals.

After a short period of desktop analysis to familiarise ourselves with the sector and competitive landscape, we bring a small team of professionals with diversified backgrounds to work with the customer’s leadership team for 24 hours. In an intense process that requires full involvement from all, the company’s strategic playing field is first understood and described. Then its internal workings, power sources, energy drains, informal organisation and hidden potential is addressed before we go on to understand the current and potential mind space the company has with its customers and stakeholders.

Finally, an analysis of the existing and required core competence is done to understand whether there are gaps that need to be filled and if there are tasks and processes that better could be outsourced to reduce cost and free working capital. The outcome of the strategy analysis is a short report that is discussed and finalised with the leadership group and that includes the few, strategic initiatives that will bring the company towards its desired strategic position.

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