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Digital Solutions &
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EXION beleives' that digitization and optimization of existing business models are crucial steps needed for growth and expansion. 

We beleive that every business, no matter their size, should have the equal oppurtunity to enter the digital world without the need for a big budget or engineering teams.  

We offer our Digital Services on a monthly Subscription Basis or Yearly Service.  We can work with your budget!

Our Digital Services

Service Center & SCADA Software

Our team members have over 12 years of experience as founders in the software ticketing, tolling & ITS sector. 

Our Products: SCADA & Call Center Solutions for Parking structures, Bus & Public transportation ticketing, Maritime, and Retail.

Web & Mobile Development

Fully dedicated team for project management, planning, and development for web & mobile ( IOS & Andriod ) applications.  

We can help design, develope, and deploy UI & UX Campaign themes,  e-commerce & Booking websites.

Ticketing, Parking, and Tolling Solutions

Our team leadership group consists of members that are experts in the area of Mobility (ITS, ATMS & ACS), Road User Charging, Traffic Management and ITS.  

We have ready products that can be integrated into your current Business model

Shared & IOT Economy Digital Services

The on-demand and shared economy is a disruptive industry that all businesses can use to enhance their current customer experience, optimize logistics, and increase transactions.  Our Shared & IOT Digital Solutions can help your business create value.

SoMe (Social Media Marketing) Services

EXION has partnered up with Small Giant Company, to offer innovative, creative, and Data driven SoMe Campaigns.  Please check out our SoMe Services!

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