€5,000- €15,000

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The competence and domain knowledge required to build a sound strategy most probably already exists within your company. EXION helps extracting that competence and knowledge and structuring it into a sharp tool and mindset that boost and consolidates the energy of the leadership team towards reaching the strategic goals.

In a short but intense process, the company’s strategic playing field is first understood and described. Then its internal workings, power sources, energy drains, informal organisation and hidden potential is addressed before we go on to understand the current and potential mind space the company has with its customers and stakeholders

€5,000 - €30,000

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EXION has developed a concept called TEAM LEADERSHIP – LEADERSHIP BY A TEAM that is tailored to each customer’s needs in terms of contents, duration and intensity. Team leadership is often perceived as “how do I lead my team”, while our concept is aimed at empowering the whole leadership team to be one, leading organism rather than a group of leaders.

After a short analysis of the current “state of affairs”, we will tailor a program targeted at bringing out the qualities that will help you lead the way to successful growth internationally.

€10,000 - €30,000

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Using a well-proven methodology, EXION helps you understand how you can improve your brand strength through bringing out and showing the qualities that make people respect your company and the qualities that will make them plain love you.

Understanding how you can use your company’s personality to build emotional attachment to your stakeholders will bring you ahead of your competition. It can allow small companies to fight with giants and win.

€5,000 - €40,000

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When you know who you are, why you are here, and you have a clear understanding of what you want the world to know and love about you, you just need to put that in front of customers and other stakeholders.

EXION helps you design and implement communication strategies on all traditional and digital platforms, we can even function as your marketing and communications department making sure that you are always on top of web searches and that your SoMe are always updated and relevant.

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