International BD & Implementation

International & Foreign Markets

Building market share outside of the company’s home market requires understanding how business is done in different cultures. EXION is building an international partnership network of successful business developers with strong local networks and a deep understanding of how bridges are built between businesses from different countries.

The way decisions are made differ from culture to culture and it is crucial that a company’s leadership understands exactly how to move in an unknown business climate. EXION can help in recruiting, training and building the local sales team or even run the team until agreed milestones are reached. We can be the forerunner of your company’s establishment in a new market, making it possible for you to postpone the bureaucratic hassle that comes with an establishment without binding you for all future to a local agent or partner.


Understand the pitfalls and control the cost of expanding in foreign markets

Cultural Acceptance

Reduce the impact of cultural differences and make them work for you

Strategic Implementation

Understand which strategy will give profitable growth in each export market

Local Presence

Be present in the local market without taking on the full cost too early
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Passionate and Competent

An Experienced Team


Our team has decades of successful track record from international market penetration and growth in different industries. It is sometimes surprising how much can be learned from people who have tried, sometimes failed and many times succeeded.

EXION always works with the assumption that your leadership team has all the necessary domain knowledge while we add strategic and cultural understanding that help design winning growth strategies.


A good meeting with a prospective customer in a new market is not equal to a sale. In many cultures, time and persistence are needed to build trust and relationships. In other cultures, much more weight is placed on processes and adherence to time schedules. For anyone facing unfamiliar ways of doing business can be made much easier with a trusted partner that fully understands both cultures and knows how to maximise the effect of meetings and communication. EXION’s partners and associated partners are all chosen for their extensive local networks, their understanding of local business culture and their integrity. Between us, the EXION partners and associate partners are able to construct a bridge of clear communication in what sometimes can seem like a jungle.  Photo Credit : Carlsen, SAAHA and Degree of Freedom.

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