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Oddvar Solemsli
Oddvar SolemsliCEO: Norway
Carmen Sanz
Carmen SanzPartner: Spain
Yama G Dastgir
Yama G DastgirPartner: Greece

Our Core Services

Strategy Development

“We don’t like their sound, and guitar music is on the way out” Decca Recording Co. rejecting the Beatles 1962.

Our Strategy development methodology is based on our team members’ leadership experience on management, board level and as Founders in numerous successful companies in different industries, geographies and company sizes. 

We can help you reach your potential with a strategical approach.  

Leadership training

A leadership team that regularly and as part of its normal routine questions itself, its methods, its competence and the mechanisms that govern how the team works and communicates, will continuously improve and get better results. 

EXION  has developed a concept called TEAM LEADERSHIP – LEADERSHIP BY A TEAM that is tailored to each customer’s needs in terms of contents, duration and intensity.To bring someone from the outside that can ask those silly questions that only an outsider can ask, can bring great value to a leadership team.

The modules of the program are:

Strategic Thinking

While techniques of operational effectiveness are highly important, they are also fairly easy to imitate. Choosing a unique position based on deep-rooted values and understanding what fundamental choices and activities will bring the company towards that position, requires another mindset.

Personal Leadership

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” - Warren Bennis

Communication and Public Speaking

The audience are likely to remember only three things from your presentation or speech - if it's a good one. If it is bad, they will only remember that it was bad.

Cultural Understanding

Together we construct a cultural bridge that allows local and Foreign companies to fully understand and appreciate each other's true selves and thereby release the potential of collaboration across cultures.

Brand Development & Implementation

Developing your brand is a little like discovering who you really are and giving the external world good reasons to respect and love you for that.  Brand building is all about understanding your own, deep values, communicate these values to the outside world and execute on their promise.

International BD & Sales Growth

Building market share outside of the company’s home market requires understanding how business is done in different cultures. EXION is building an international partnership network of successful business developers with strong local networks and a deep understanding of how bridges are built between businesses from different countries.  

The way decisions are made differ from culture to culture and it is crucial that a company’s leadership understands exactly how to move in an unknown business climate.

Digital Services

Presence and pulse on digital platforms will become ever more important and require even small businesses to stay on top of developments.

The new disruptive on-demand & Shared economy bussiness models are becoming a necessity in our everyday activites.  

EXION  is offering digital solutions that are lowering entry barriers for smaller businesses to optimize their current business models with the latest market technological trends, such as the on-demand & shared economy models. 

EXION  has an experienced team with the competence to create solutions based on our understanding of the customer’s brand and strategy from the idea conception stage and onwards.  We can help you in parts of the digital contents value chain or take full responsibility for its operation, relieving you from the need to hire non-core competence and still stand out as your sector’s most up to date player.


Discover your potential
  • Understand your deep-rooted values
  • Uncover, structure and share the leadership team’s strategic competence and knowledge
  • Understand your strategic positioning and how you can improve your competitive strength
  • Design winning growth strategies
€5,000- €15,000
Show your potential
  • Create a strong brand in sync with who you are and what your strategy is
  • Develop emotional attachment to your customers and stakeholders
  • Conceptualize brand implementation including digital platform and SoMe strategies
€10,000 - €30,000
  • Improve your strategic thinking skills
  • Dare to see who you really are and how your real strengths bring value to the company
  • Learn to lead yourself in sync with the leadership group
  • Learn to speak in public and take leadership in communication
  • Understand how your cultural heritage can play together with other cultures
€5,000 - €30,000
Display your potential
  • Implement your brand on the web, smartphones and tablets
  • Develop on-demand applications and online payment solutions
  • Optimize your digital presence for SEO
  • Keep an online pulse going
€5,000 - €40,000

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